• Joel Riehle

A Peek at Millennials

From the "How to Reach Millennials" session at the 2016 National Disciple Making Forum

Like Missionaries going to a foreign culture we must take time to craft the gospel to reach the specific audience that God has given us.  When it is Millennials though, it is important to meet them where they are.  And not to win them to our cultural understanding but to Christ.

Right now the millennials are the young adults in our world.  But do not confuse a 20-something issue with a millennial issue.  


    Millennial Paradoxes  -no stereotypes are 100% but these are helpful-

- They are both extremely consumeristic and generous

- They are non-committal, but willing to give big investments

- They are wary of authority, but crave mentors 

- They are justice oriented, but compassion fatigued

- The want depth, but think in terms of soundbytes 

- They are incredibly broken and confused, but are also authentic and don't see their        brokenness as a hinderance to the work they can do

- They are the most connected and the loneliest generation in history

- They value authenticity but have carefully curated images

    Best Practices

- Bring them into your living room.  Let them learn while you're living it

- Take them to run errands with you, travel with them

- Bring them into the conversation, they want to learn from you and for you to learn          from them

- Remind them that they have time.  In this instant culture, help them see the long-view.    Allow them to benefit from your perspective

- Elevate relationship over religion.  That means care first and correct theology last.

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