How do you know when you are truly following God? How can you tell if Jesus is really living in your heart? These are questions that often times filled my mind as I drifted off to sleep during my early years as a high school student. Sure, I went to church with my family on Sundays and believe me I tried super-duper hard not to use swears, but I still had to wonder, was an hour on Sunday mornings and trying not to cuss what following Jesus was all about? During my sophomore year of high school, I began discipleship. By having someone join me and guide me on my walk with Christ I was able to learn and grow so much in my understanding of what having a relationship with Christ looked like. H

Learn How to Dance

You know how annoying us new parents are? So many pictures. So many conversations steered towards our kids. Like they get it already, these little knuckleheads are what you're all about now. As a pastor and a parent I am humbled by the fact that God instituted the family thousands of years prior to creating the church. It means that the local church as we know it, is not the number one Disciple-Making organization. At least not ideally. So here’s the thing I learned from watching my girls dance. They learn from mimicking what they've seen. We never sat them down like we have with their ABC's and trained them. They just know that if I raise my hands when Elmo says so- then they do it too.

Shattering Expectations

God is constantly reworking what I think He should be doing. I’ve had probably 10 relationships that I have fostered, intending them to lead towards discipleship. Most have fallen flat. Last Friday was one of the first times I’ve had a meeting intended for nothing, but turn into discipleship. Even as I got into my car for this last meeting of the week I verbalized to myself, “Why am I doing this? Just to say I did?” It was getting coffee with a senior I like but we’ve never done much more than shoot the breeze. I knew my friend could probably use some encouragement but as I’ve learned too many times, if a person does not want to follow Jesus it is not within my ability to empower them. But

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