Preaching Redemption Among Racisim: Remembering Billy Graham

Love & Diversity Series Post Two (link) When I was a young campus minister working with Tom Skinner Associates, I had the honor of meeting Dr. William Franklin Graham twice. I remember him as an approachable man, not given to living out the greatness of his own press. I actively participated... (read more) Love & Diversity Series / Post One / Is Racism a Christian Issue? Love & Diversity Series / Post Three / Here's to You Women

Is Racial Division a Christian Issue?

Love & Diversity Series / Post One Is Racial Division a Christian Issue? Translation: Should fixing racism and other social causes be a Christian’s responsibility? When the riots in Charlottesville were breaking out, the leadership at my church was called out on social media for not speaking out against it. At first I was offended. No one likes being told they're letting people down. And quite honestly the kind of online presence I keep does not involve me posting about things outside the realm of my twin girls or this blog. Still there was an uneasiness in my spirit about this rebuke and I determined to allow God time to speak to me about it. "I don't want to talk about social issue

Found People Find People

Stole that title from a sermon this weekend. And here is where I'm going with this: When Melissa and I struggled to have a baby, we went to doctors. They ran tests. They gave us a prognosis. Because we knew there was a problem. Yet when Christ-followers fail to reproduce we do not usually fall at the feet of a spiritual mentor or set up a meeting with the elders. We might blame our lot in life on our current circumstances. We may treat our relationship with God as if it has its own separate sphere in 'our' world. We will get around to it eventually. For some reason the unnatural-ness of Christ-followers NOT reproducing has faded. There is no stigma anymore for 'little-Christs' who do

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