• Joel Riehle

The Boss

Is it normal for a 4 year old to question their dad's ability to navigate to their grandparents house?

"Are you sure you're going the right way, dad?"

"Yes honey I've driven this like a hundred times."

If you have a child who is cautious to the point of doubting you, then you understand what I'm talking about. Sometimes it's exasperating, sometimes it's curious, and other times it's just plain cute how much she thinks she knows.

I love what a gentle reminder my relationship with my children is to me about the way I interact with my Father in heaven. And yes, there have been plenty of times when I have questioned God when I had no right to.

Last night, I was reading a bedtime story and my 4 year old corrected me about what the book said.

The thing is - she can't read. Not a word. Nothing that isn't her own name.


In Acts 16 there's a peculiar story of Paul and his companions not being allowed to travel to a region of Asia to preach the gospel. And do you know who is doing the preventing? THE HOLY SPIRIT?!?!

All cards on the table, if I was Paul in this situation, and I had been trained and commissioned by Jesus to take the good news to as much of the world as possible I might ignore the Holy Spirit here and just go. I could easily convince myself that I wasn't sensing what I was, or that God was mistaken. I might ask Him, "God do you know where you're going with this?"

But that would be a mistake.

I really like that no matter what his qualifications were, no matter his background or past successes...Paul never graduated from dependence on God.

Have you? You gotten your diploma from American Christianity U.? You just cruising? Or are you waking up everyday recognizing your complete and whole reliance on God and the leading of His Spirit that is supposed to be alive and active inside of you?

You can start by reading that account of Paul in Acts 16. Also consider what is the main thing you are trying to accomplish this week? If you sat down in a zoom staff meeting with Jesus, would those plans change?

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