• Joel Riehle

An Odd Prayer

Did God cause COVID-19? How in the world would I know? How would anyone know for sure?

Here's something you can be sure of, God can use all things for the benefit of those who love Him and have been called according to his purpose.

(Romans 8:28)

So this is my controversial thought about COVID-19.

I wouldn't consider a flat tire or my car engine blowing up a bad thing if I was barreling towards the edge of a cliff.

Forward progress isn't progress at all, if what is needed is a change in direction.

Have you ever been on a foreign mission trip to third world country. Or ever been on a backpacking trip and gone without your standard comforts for a while?

If you've been stretched mentally, emotionally, physically through just about any experience than you know the kind of clarity that can come from deprivation.

When your world falls apart you recognize what wasn't really as necessary in your old life as you thought. And hopefully you learn not to put your trust in things or people.

I know well before anyone had heard of the Corona Virus that myself and many others were praying for revival. A good spiritual kick in the butt. I did not imagine something like COVID-19 but I don't think God's absent or distant either.

I think He's present. I think He's pruning. I think He's saving. And doing it in ways only He knows how or why.

It may be an odd prayer. But first before God heals this world I pray He has his way with us.

Repentance? Mending marriages? Ending greed? Beginning care and concern for the disenfranchised, the poor, minorities, the elderly?

What does God have for you to reflect on?

Would you pray that with me?

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