• Joel Riehle

Just an Average Christian?

The idea smacks in the face of Jesus’ words to His close followers when he told them that they don’t belong in this world. That’s why the world rejects them and us, because the world first hated Jesus. (John 15)

This does not give us a license to hate the world in return. Jesus’ example was quite contrary to that. He loved the world and those lost in it to a painful degree.

So if you find your spiritual walk missing something. Then look first at all of the ways that you might be too similar to the world around you.

What kinds of music, tv and movies are you consuming? How much time do you spend on your phone versus praying over scripture?

Here’s one of the main differences in my life when I am actively pursuing Jesus and when I am distracted or deliberately going my own way:

My mind is on things that Jesus wants. I can tell when I am in a good spiritual place by the way I fill gaps in my schedule.

When things are right then my mind drifts to thinking about encouraging others and seeing where God is moving in people around me.

When my spiritual walk is just “average” that's when I am only thinking of what will entertain me. I am looking towards the next thing that I will enjoy or maybe just the next task that I have to do. When things are really bad, my mind wanders towards sin.

I think this is why we are instructed to “pray constantly” (1Thes 5:16)

And to “set our minds on things above not on our own world and desires” (Col 3:2)

So is there such a thing as just an average Christian? I don’t know.

What I do know is that you can’t stand around a camp fire without feeling the heat. Neither can you commune with Jesus without becoming more and more like Him.

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