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Define Discipleship

Part 1 / Discovering Discipleship / 101 Series

We've addressed some things that discipleship is NOT in other posts like

"3 Things Discipleship is Not". But what is Discipleship?

First let me just echo the words of Bill Hull

With that being said I think that Jim Putman's definition is one of the simplest he starts with Matthew 4:2

"He [Jesus] said to them,

'Follow me, and I will make you fisher's of men'"

Putman likes to say that in the invitation is the definition.

1. "Follow Me"

Jesus is the leader. We follow

2. "I will make you"

God alone does the changing. No matter how well you understand this,

you will struggle with wanting to do the changing in

yourself and others in your own power.

3. "Fishers of men"

After our head and heart are turned over to Jesus

He calls us to a mission. One that is focused on

bringing others to the same place God has brought us.

So one definition for discipleship then is:

Someone who is following Christ, being changed by Him and is

committed to helping others do the same.

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