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To highlight Jesus' model of ministry...disciple-making

To join God in the world-wide movement of reclaiming Jesus' methods of discipleship




September 11, 2018

The idea smacks in the face of Jesus’ words to His close followers when he told them that they don’t belong in this world. That’s why the world rejects them and us, because the world first hated Jesus. (John 15)

This does not give us a license to hate the world in return. Jesus’ example was quite contrary to that. He loved the world and those lost in it to a painful degree. 

So if you find your...

June 26, 2018

“I’m a little stressed all the time.  Can you help me with my nerves.”  I wrote in my prayer journal today.  I reread the sentence I had typed. The devotional reading had been about the backwards nature of Jesus’ teachings in Luke 14. 

In it he tells people not to take the places of honor at banquets, but rather sit in the least honorable seats.  And he tells people when they th...

May 4, 2018

The patchy, weed-strewn lawn is mine. So it would be hard to imagine the smugness I felt two years ago when my neighbor’s grass matched mine. 

He moved in and expended great energy to improve his yard.  

I caught him many times weeding his front and backyard.  That’s right.  Hands and knees. The entire 1/3 of an acre. Pulling individual weeds.  

I would spot professional lawn care truc...

May 1, 2018

Part 3 / Discovering Discipleship / 101 Series 

Jesus calls us to go and make disciples of all nations. Maybe each of us is not necessarily called to travel the world as a missionary, but that is only a small part of what the great commission calls us to do. In a Christian's sphere of influence, there must be one or two people, at least, that need a mentor to lead them toward a closer communion wit...

April 22, 2018

How do you know when you are truly following God?

How can you tell if Jesus is really living in your heart?

These are questions that often times filled my mind as I drifted off to sleep during my early years as a high school student.  Sure, I went to church with my family on Sundays and believe me I tried super-duper hard not to use swears, but I still had to wonder, was an hour on Sunday mornings a...

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