Resources of a Disciple-Maker

Part 4 / Discovering Discipleship / 101 Series Last week Kyle talked about How to Begin a Discipleship Relationship. And so we complete the Discovering Discipleship Series with some practical stuff. Resources and practices you can use as God guides you through this new understanding of your purpose. In my pre-woke thoughts on discipleship I was offended by systems and programs claiming to teach discipleship. I saw them as unfeeling and cop-outs for the real work of actual day-to-day, relationship-based discipling. I fear any church initiative still has the possibility to fall into this legalistic trap, BUT I no longer think that those are good excuses to go about discipleship training

Swearing in French

I overestimate my abilities sometimes. The January before a Summer trip to Paris I downloaded a language app. I wanted to be semi-fluent while I was there. And my 4 years of high school Spanish weren’t very helpful. When others would pull out their phone to kill time with Facebook I would complete a 5 min DuoLingo lesson. I gave up around April when I realized that I couldn’t say a single compound sentence and our departure was only weeks away. My time had not been completely wasted though. I have some very extended family who are Parisians. We spent one night at their house outside the city and we sat around the dinner table speaking in English. They were were amused at my feeble at

Drinking Beer.. for Jesus

I'm a witness to a culturally-Christian crime, committed by none other than, a pastor. This crime goes against the teaching of so many who have come before us and some may even gasp at the idea as you read this. The title may have given it away so it's not much of a mystery, but I witnessed a real life pastor of a real life church, drinking a real life alcohol filled beer at a real life bar. I know what you're thinking, "He ain't no Christian! He drank the Devil's juice!" But what if he just wanted to reach the unreached, church the unchurched, and in so doing, disciple the undiscipled. My wife (Savannah) and I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings not long ago and had a couple of drinks with a gift

Do This ONE Thing

Part 2 / Discovering Discipleship / 101 Series Discipleship is such a big concept. So big it was all-encompassing enough for the Son of God to simply use it for his last command. He used it to remind His trainees to of what they were being commissioned to accomplish. And yet even in that breakdown he still gave specifics like "teach them to obey" and "baptize" to help describe it. I get it. It's like being charged with the building of the Empire State Building and being shown the blueprints for the electrical and plumbing, but 99% of people would rather see the entire 3D model. By it's very nature, discipleship was intended to be an experiential rather than an academic pursuit. Still...

Define Discipleship

Part 1 / Discovering Discipleship / 101 Series We've addressed some things that discipleship is NOT in other posts like "3 Things Discipleship is Not". But what is Discipleship? First let me just echo the words of Bill Hull With that being said I think that Jim Putman's definition is one of the simplest he starts with Matthew 4:2 "He [Jesus] said to them, 'Follow me, and I will make you fisher's of men'" Putman likes to say that in the invitation is the definition. 1. "Follow Me" Jesus is the leader. We follow 2. "I will make you" God alone does the changing. No matter how well you understand this, you will struggle with wanting to do the changing in yourself and others in your own power.

When The Mormons Came to My Door

I am currently a senior at Johnson University majoring in Preaching and Church Leadership as well as Bible and Theology. I live on campus with a bunch of other people who have Ph.D’s and other degrees in this kind of stuff. So I never expected that in September (2017) two young Mormon missionaries would show up at my front door. Before they showed up, a neighbor texted me and said, “Get ready, the Mormons are on their way.” Most people would just kind of shoo them away or listen to their spiel and go on with their life. I’m not one of those people. I got very excited. These two young guys who look 19 knock on the door and start asking me lots of questions about faith and doctrine. I stood an

The Story of the Confused Lawyer

Jesus tells the Parable of the Good Samaritan to a specific person. An expert in religious law. And for a specific purpose. To shake the rust of legalism out of his life. This message God gave me I pray will be useful to you as well. (click for audio below)

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